Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What is Creativity.

"What is creativity?" is a question I've been asking myself a lot lately. Is it being different, is it always having a fresh new idea? Is it creating things by hand, or is it simply following the random ideas that pop into ones head?

My answer is 'I don't know.'

I do know, however that I have been feeling an acute lack of whatever exactly creativity is in my life and I'd like to get it back. I have to get it back, after all my degree and passing my design classes depends upon it. But this pressure to be creative seems to only drive it further from my grasp.


That's another question that I am simply unsure of the answer.

So I went to the bookstore. I figured of course I could find the answer there. Well I can't. No books seem to have the right answer, I think because the answer to creativity, and imagination, and beauty and passion and finding what we love is within us. Deep down within us. That spark of light that would ignite within us as children and then somewhere along the years faded and dimmed and dulled and got hidden away by the cobwebs of life. So I guess the answer to my own creativity must be written, and in the meantime I must push and pull myself towards it, and not get stuck in a rut.