Wednesday, May 29, 2013

'Clutching' on tight

One of the greatest accessories a girl can have is her purse. It holds a wide variety of precious and not so precious items. I for one would be utterly lost if anything happened to mine. For bags tend to be a woman's style prize and storage unit all in one.

And so today I decided to try my hand at making some tiny canvas clutches, with crochet and pearl detailing. These little bags zip up at the top and measure approximately 8in across by 6in high. They are perfect for stashing your camera and cash for a night out, or storing makeup, markers, and any other item you haven't found the perfect case for.

The beauty of clutches and pouch purses is that they are tiny enough to throw in a bag during the day filled with necessities, and large enough to hold their own on a night out and about.

This quick post is just a sneak peak of the new addition to my line, and they will all be available on etsy this coming week!

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And thanks to IFB (find them at whose weekly roundup post inspired me to try my hand at designing my own lovely micro-bags!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Front Bottoms :: music to live to.

For the past few years my life can be generally charted by the music that I listen to. There's music to laugh to, music to drive to, music to cry to, and music to dance to. Then there's music that you can live to. Those songs, or albums, or artists, that if your life had a soundtrack they would make the list.

One of these artists is the Front Bottoms. Their two boys from Jersey who make amazing, honest music. I first about these guys when my friends opened a show for them in Philly. All I knew was that their photo on the facebook even was sick, and they had a weird name. When I heard them, I knew I'd found a band that would be with me for a while.

Recently, (as in only a few days ago) the Front Bottoms' second album "Talon of the Hawk" was released. I've had it streaming constantly. It's energetic. It's both happy and angry and the same time. It's emotional. It's passionate. It's something everyone should listen to.

I'm so excited to be seeing them play a hometown show at Maxwell's in hoboken, New Jersey on the 31st.

so do yourself a favor and press play. If you don't like it that's fine, and if you love it, well that's just amazing.