Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lets Get Festival

We are well into the festival season, and I am a painfully long 27 days away from my own festival road trip up the east coast for Newport Folk Fest. The best part of festivals (besides the music of course) is the style you get to see there.

Colors and prints and patterns, galore! Modern day hippies, and 1960's babes.

all images from google searches, pinterest, and tumblr.

When it comes to festivals, the more mis-matched the better. Eclectic is the way to go. load on the jewelry and the bohemian headbands. 

So what do I plan on rocking for my weekend jaunt? A mix of my own designs, some thrifted items, vintage jewelry, and a decent amount of patchouli!

My Festival Wish-list.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT :: Embroidered top of my own desisn :: Free People Dress :: Free People Feather Necklace :: Urban Outfitters Shorts :: Dr. Martins  :: Hand Made headband, own design

and share your own styles!


  1. It's not a festival without crop tops and printed shorts!

  2. love the ensemble, especially the printed shorts

    if you wish to keep in touch,follow my blogsphere and i'll do the same :)